Made in Germany
Chirotractor: Ãber Uns

CHIROTRACTOR GmbH is a German company located in Kronberg, Germany and was founded in 2009 by Dr. med. Eduard Chen, a German orthopaedic specialist with Chinese ancestry.

CHIROTRACTOR provides premium fitness and health devices for the prevention and treatment of dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, applying scientific orthopaedic and chiropractic expert knowledge. Most new impulses for innovative exercise devices come from Dr. med. Eduard Chen's practical work as orthopaedic specialist in his private orthopaedic practice which he successfully founded in 2006 in Kronberg near Frankfurt / Germany.

Dr. med. Eduard Chen has introduced a completely new device class in the field of fitness- / rehabilitation medicine exercise devices. The divices that CHIROTRACTOR develops and produces simultanously will be useful for prevention as well as treatment purposes.

Functional deficits can be corrected as well as being prevented, so that both users with healthy as well as dysfunctional musculoskeletal anatomy will benefit from CHIROTRACTOR's products. Proven and established training systems will not be replaced but rather complemented by the new aspects provided by CHIROTRACTOR's technology.

Beginning in 2018 Co-Lifetech is our distributor and contact for all orders and product enquiries. We are welcoming foreign distributor enquiries worldwide.

Founder and CEO:
Dr. med. Eduard Chen