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Current experience report

Dr. Maier from PhysioTec Kronberg and his technical manager Mr. Schütz report on their experience with the Chirotractor CT-L.

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"Spine" Volume 31

The study by Suni et al. published in SPINE Volume 31, Number 18, pp E611-E620 describes the preventive potential of combined strenghtening and stretching of the lower back. Exercise #10, the so called "Yoga-Stretch" exercise, is the only movement in the described exercise series that will help mobilize, adjust and stretch the lower back.

The assistance of the CHIROTRACTOR CT-L is necessary for an efficient execution of the "Yoga-Stretch" exercise because many users suffer from shortened muscles and tendons. Also, the applied forces to self-mobilize one's lower back is mostly insufficient due to unfavorable lever ratios and angles.

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"The future of fitness" January 2010

Learn how the fitness industry is changing by reading LesMills'/Nielsen's White Paper on "the Future of Fitness" from January 2010. With the CHIROTRACTOR CT-L you will be prepared for the future
by providing more value to your medical fitness program.

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Excerpt concerning Chirotractor CT-L.

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Fitness tribune innovation award

Fitness Tribune Innovation Award at the 4. WFWF in Zurich by Jean-Pierre L. Schupp.

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Fitness tribune innovation award 2009 certificate

Official "Certificate of Innovation for Back Exercise Equipment CHIROTRACTOR" and article.

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Fitness Tribune innovation award 2009

The Fitness Tribune Magazine Innovation Award 2009 in the category "Health" was awarded to the "CHIROTRACTOR" by Dr. med. Eduard Chen from Kronberg, Germany.

Excerpt: "The CHIROTRACTOR (...) is THE innovation of the last 10 years for me, i.e. ever since the FIBO innovation award was first introduced."

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Online magazinE "physio und co"

CHIROTRACTOR CT-L is featured in the 1/2009 issue of "Physio und Co � Das Fachmagazin für Entscheider in Physiotherapiepraxen".

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Club Industry East 2009

US press release on the occasion of the CHIROTRACTOR CT-L world premiere at the
Club Industry East 2009 tradeshow in Boston, MA.