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Chirotractor your personal chiropractor

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Das neue Chirotherapie-Gerät. The solution for almost 90% of all non-specific pain symptoms in the lower back
  • Prevention through mobilization

    Integrate the CT-L assisted "Yoga-Stretch" exercise into your
    back training program as shown in the study by Suni et al.
    published in SPINE Volume 31, Number 18, pp E611-E620.

  • Self-adjustment

    Correct misalignments of your lower back yourself.
  • Simple application

    Clinically proven
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany

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Rückenschmerzen Chiropraktiker Chirogerät

Relax Dynamically

With CHIROTRACTOR CT-L you can mobilize and adjust your lower back. This will reflexively release existing lumbar tensions.

Golf Rückenschmerzen Blockierungen Chiropraktiker

Take a deep breath and enjoy
life again

CHIROTRACTOR CT-L zeroes in on the major source of lumbar tension and provides relief easier than making  a chiropractor appointment.

Gesundheit Chiropraktiker Rückenleiden Rückenzerrung Schmerzen

Empower your freedom

Chirotractors CT-L puts you in control with healthy fitness training - without any sweat. The first stretching exercise that  loosens up lumbar  tension instantly.